Skiing Check List

Going skiing is a completely different type of holiday to most – you need to be warm (and look cool) on the slopes, but be après-ready  at the same time. It’s actually much easier than it looks! Here’s my packing list from my trip to Les Arcs in January, with tips on what to (and what not) to take away with you. As I hadn’t been skiing for a few years, there were a lot of things to buy! Where I can, I’ll list where I got my items from.

  • Ski jacket – you can’t go without one, and you’ll see a whole smorgasbord of colours on the snow. Make sure you stand out, and you can easily spot your friends. Also makes for a fun game to see how many clothes-clones you see (Eddie, far left, picked the most popular look)
  • Salopettes or ski trousers – I actually prefer the former
  • Helmet – growing up skiing, I never really wore a helmet. However on the slopes now it is an essential, so make sure to invest in a decent helmet that won’t crack in transit. If you’re like me and have a small head, ski helmet‘s are hard to come by but I found a great selection in Trespass. Otherwise you can hire one before you go
  • Goggles – I prefer all weather googles, but you could take goggles with interchangeable lenses
  • Ski socks – investing in merino wool ski socks is a must – it means you don’t have to layer up. Best time to buy? April (just after ski season ends)
  • Gloves – if your hands get cold like mind, get a pair of thermal lined gloves, like these
  • Glove inners – a new purchase this year, these were a lifesaver, especially during breaks up the mountain as they are light but still keep your fingers warm
  • Baselayers – take at least 3 sets of tops and trousers. I invested in fleece-lined baselayers, and the difference is incredible
  • Hat – more for looking cool at lunchtime if you prefer to ski in a helmet
  • Ear warmer – see above!
  • Neck warmer/scarf – you feel the benefit as soon as you’re on the ski lift
  • Sports bra – an essential, end of
  • Walking boots – so you stay on your feet outside your chalet. I did bring a pair of trainers, but didn’t wear them once. If you wear them on the plane, it saves a ton of luggage room too
  • Slippers – for when you get in from skiing, and need comfy shoes to envelope your tired feet in
  • Evening clothes – I would take some jogging bottoms/leggings, a pair of jeans and some thick jumpers or hoodies to lounge about in in the evening. Make sure to take a few nice tops in case you go out for dinner
  • UV lipbalm/suncream – it’s easy to forget how windy/sunny/exposed it is on the mountain when you’re sunning yourself with a glüwein but make sure to top up a few times a day
  • Action Camera – well worth buying. You can attach it to your helmet and get some great footage
  • Day backpack – to have your essentials in
  • High energy snacks – whether you’re a Jelly Baby lady or a Mars Bar man, make sure to bring lots of high energy snacks with you. You (and your friends) will appreciate them in those last days!

And here are a few essentials for any trip:

  • Passport/ID
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Currency and card for cash withdrawals abroad
  • Travel pillow, earplugs
  • Playing cards
  • Mini first aid kit – paracetamol, blister plasters etc
  • Phone plus charger
  • Book/e-reader plus charger
  • Camera plus charger
  • Adapters
  • Anti-bacterial gel
  • Shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo
  • Hairbrush, hair bobbles, hair grips
  • Facewash, cleanser
  • Cotton pads, cotton buds
  • Showergel
  • Deodorant
  • Razor
  • Bag for dirty clothes
  • Packs of tissues

Hopefully this helps, any comments or feedback is welcome!



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